Friday, September 11, 2015

For a comprehensive look into the Anoxic Filtration System.

For a comprehensive look into the Anoxic Filtration System.

In case you have missed reading any articles or books on the Anoxic Filtration System just click on the links below and they will take you there. Manky from the UK has provided everyone with these easy access links.

As far as I know, the only article about anoxic filtration that was ever published in Koi magazine was the initial one that I wrote in 2008 about reducing nitrate, which introduced the idea of anoxic filtration but only had a brief description of the system. It has been republished on my website here.

If you meant Koi Carp magazine, in 2009 I wrote a more descriptive two-part article for Koi Carp and that also is now on my site.

This year, (after many promises and delays), I finally wrote the most complete description of the system and published it on my site here.

At the end of the article, in the acknowledgements, there are links to Kevin Novak's book, which can be downloaded, for free from iTunes and to Kevin's blog where he gives useful information and answers questions about the system.

If your eyes still aren't bleeding after reading that lot and you want to read the real life experiences of those who have built the system, you can search on this forum for anoxic and you will find many threads over the past couple of years.

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