Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Update from UK’s Brian Woodcock about his AFS and his thoughts about how it’s doing.

Hi guys...bit of an update regarding how my Anoxic is doing. Well as you can see its doing fine my water quality has been fantastic since I installed it and it seems to be going from strength to strength and my fish are happy and healthy with no parasites for over 2 years now.

Growth has been remarkable feeding 400g a day over 6 feeds so much so I will have to move some fish on I think.



Some others from the UK add their two cents worth:

VINCE: thank you for the update. I so love that filter look. I am still very happy with mine and it’s doing a find job for me even unplanted. But I am going to change things around so I can plant it now I seen how nice yours has come out.

Darren’s Koi: Brian filter looks great and plants are thriving I have just planted a Lilly in mine as well and it's remarkably how quickly it's taking and new leaves are growing my reeds are about 4 ft tall in mine will be happy if my Lilly gets any growers this yr

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