Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is an Anoxic Filtration System or the definition of such?

                                  What is an Anoxic Filtration System?

               Photos above: New Anoxic Filter and pond ready to be tested in Italy.

           The photo above shows plants in an Anoxic Filtration System and the bottom photo shows the same plants that are grown the way most hobbyist are told how to grow them. Big difference in plant proliferation ,color and size.

 Anoxic Filtration System: Is a biological filtration system using Biocenosis Clarification Baskets to attract positive ions out of the water body. Using a combination of natural process clays, like that of Kitty/cat litter and tropical Laterite, a residual product of rock decay, act and react to convection, magnetic pull and/or diffusion as a biochemical reaction to attract cantons and anions out of the water column. Because of their crystalline structural state, the negative charged clay read in mV, (electrovalence) attracts positive ions like ammonium and removes it out of the bulk water.
                This magnetic pull will them aid in molecular diffusion, using Facultative anaerobic hydrotropic bacteria, therefore creating under anoxic condition Dissimulative Denitrification and will turn Nitrates (NO3) into Dinitrogen Gas (N2).Thus making it safe for aquatic life to exist in ponds.
           Facultative bacteria - can be found even at the top of the baskets and along the outer sides, since aerobic respiration is beneficial energetically speaking. There are also other bacteria that reside in the baskets, too. Microaerophiles bacteria - will be found throughout the basket but not at the outer edges. They require oxygen, but only at lower concentrations like that of anoxic conditions. So they stay away from the higher oxygenated outer edges because of that reason. Then there’s also an Aerotoerant bacterium - in the baskets, that can be found everywhere because oxygen does not affect them in the least nor does the deficiency (low concentrations but not completely void oxygen) of such. However, obligated aerobic bacteria - will mostly gather on the outer edges of the baskets within mm, in order to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen.

Most hobbyist love to make their filters look like a Veggie filter, but without all the maintenance of an inefficient Veggie filter and upkeep. Anoxic Filter outperform Veggie and Bog filters, because Anoxic Filters make better use of the substrate by not going anaerobic ever! Anaerobic substrates or clogged filter medium filter pads make ammonia not dinitrogen gas like some think. That ammonia must go back into solution and become another byproduct that the bacteria now must take care of through the nitrogen cycle.  Only Anoxic filters make Dinitrogen Gas, are more beneficial to plant life and aquatic life, too.

 However, the photo above shows an Anoxic Filter void of plant life altogether because it's hidden in a garage. 

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