Friday, November 21, 2014

Anoxic Filtration by: Manky Sanke ,explanatory article comming soon.

If you can wait a couple of weeks I'm trying to complete a fairly long and explanatory article for Koi Organization International and, as soon as they convert it to eBook format and upload it onto their website, I'll put it on mine as well.

It will explain the system, mainly in understandable language but with all the technical stuff in separate Science Panels so the main body of the text will be simple to read but with the Science Panels also available for anyone mad enough to want to know the technical details.

Information from the thread on that other forum will be included, along with a section on the complete build by Brian Woodcȯck. It will be on, or accessible from, the webpage on the link below.

Disadvantages? There are three:

1. Obtaining the correct cat litter isn't just a case of popping to Tesco's and picking up the nearest. You need to check that it's suitable but that's explained on the link below.

2. An effective filter that will provide complete stand alone filtration will need about one basket per adult fish so they need suitable space to be available.

3. Expect bricks through your windows from other hobbyists who have spent a fortune on other systems but which cannot get near zero ammonia, absolute zero nitrite and near zero nitrate .

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