Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yep The Anoxic Filtration System Works…

Yep The Anoxic Filtration System Works…

pH      8.00
Nitrite 0.0
Nitrate 0.0

Happy bunny. Thank you.
from the UK

Hi Rachel,
Did you manage to get read my blog? The Blog has a lot more info on it than the book plus some good reading from an author in the UK Syd.
Some of the best ponds I have seen didn’t have Koi in them but Goldfish; so there is a lot to be said about Goldfish, they’re very much underrated pets.

Yes, long ago many disbelievers were out there on forums thought they knew more about filtration than us scientist, but they were wrong!  Some just like to think they are better than others so I always ask: Why don’t you invent a better filter and bring it out to the public for scrutiny? But they don’t, because they don’t know how to.

It is not easy getting the word out to hobbyist on anything new unless you’re a manufacture of merchandise and can advertise those goods. You’re also right in saying that there is always the hobbyist that says: If you didn’t spend as much as me, then your filter is garbage attitude. However, with what is known today, spending more does not mean better, just that you’ve spent more to do it a different way that’s all.


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