Saturday, December 31, 2016

As a scientist I only tell people what is really necessary to achieve ones means not how to go broke doing it.

Nothing new about LED’s, they came out in 1961, only the way they are now implemented into the Aquarium trade and hobby. This reminds me of Mercedes-Bens at one time was at the foremost in innovation and technology in the automotive industry and now cars like Mitsubishi give you better technology at ten thousand dollars less.

As the word gets out about these Bright Stik’s more and more hobbyist are going to realize that Kessil as good as they are, are like the analogy I used above and cannot justify their price to what can be achieved at 1/4 the price.  The light bulbs are great and the price of only $15.95 USD @ 100-watts 6500k a pair, makes them a fantastic deal. Just look at Jacobs’ Aquarium on YouTube and look how many of these Kessil Tuna Suns he has over his plant pond. He could have done the same thing for less in cost. Starting a business is hard and every cost savings ideal is money in the bank.

This also tells us hobbyist that LED’s can be had for less than what they are being sold for and manufactures now have to start adding bells & whistles to their products to justify cost. The bells & whistles are not a necessity but they are just fun add-ons’ only.

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