Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aquarium lovers owe it to themselves to use an AFS...it's not just for ponds anymore!

For you aquarium lovers out there, here are some photos sent to me from Gert in Namibia. In the past I have had African Cichlids / Lake Malawi Mbuna tanks. Mbuna’s require very high pH and most tanks that I’ve seen are overcrowded because of the Mbuna’s very territory aggression towards one another. However, with the overcrowding of Mbuna’s comes water quality problems and Nitrates that will reach 100-ppm if lots of water changes are not carried out to keep their colors from fading.  Another thing about Mbuna’s is they love to dig, so any kind of gravel filtration system is out of the question.

Long ago in the late seventy's Mbuna’s and Tanganyika’s only came from Africa and had to be depressurized when brought up from the depths of Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. They were big and beautiful fish that rivaled that of saltwater fish. Today they are nothing near as spectacular as days of yore, but they still have the same water requirements and Nitrates are nothing short of a big pain in the #%$#* to keep under control…except with a Anoxic Filtration System! 

Thanks Gert!

Dear Dr. Novak. Just look at my 1500ltr (396-USgals) Tanganyika office aquarium running on your Anoxic filter...with zero Nitrates.

Kind regards from Namibia. Gert

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