Friday, February 14, 2014

Would it be redundant to add some BCB’ to an already established pond with filter?


If say a pond has huge conventional aerobic bio-filter which eats up all the ammonia while producing nitrates, adding AFS to that pond system in hopes of reducing those nitrates would somewhat be redundant or would it?

By adding BCB’ to any pond the affect is two fold. One - All positively charged ions would be attracted to the BCB and that intern would lessen the likelihood of the Nitrogen Cycle getting overloaded and producing more unwanted byproducts like Nitrates.

Dr. Franco of Italy proved that by adding a BCB to his already established 700-liter fish tank that Nitrates and Phosphates were eradicated and even though the aquarium had an establish biological filter the BCB still helped improve water quality parameter. This same scenario was also played out in Dr. Passovoy’s pond that I talk about in my blog. He placed some BCB’ in his pond with an already über expensive filter and it raised his redox by 35-mV more.

To read more about Dr. Franco’s experiments, click on the links below.

And read:

And second - With the addition of BCB’ in the pond you will now have a backup filter if a misshape were to happen or even in the middle of winter the BCB’ would provide what a conventional filter cannot… keeping ammonia/ammonium at bay and keeping water parameters at there apex before the water quality situation turns ugly like it did for Deb Bibbins pond in my last post.

Years ago I though that by adding the BCB’ to and already establish pond with filtration system would be redundant, but thanks to the Koi hobbyist out there that use BCB’ in their ponds, they made me realize that I was wrong in my thinking.  Water quality always improved more so than buying another add on filtration system without the added expense. Anything you can add to your pond that is economical and Eco-friendly in my book is money well spent if it aids in the betterment of the animals life expediency.

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