Thursday, March 13, 2014

I've read what I can find online about Anoxic filtration, which is quite a little bit, and I'm fascinated and excited about the concept.

Email today 03-13-14

Hi Dr. Novak,

I've read what I can find online about Anoxic filtration, which is quite a little bit, and I'm fascinated and excited about the concept. It is amazing the amount of resistance and downright rudeness on the forums that you have experienced against embracing this method of filtration. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised though, history shows there has always been much resistance against accepting new scientific discoveries.

I have to admit even as I read with fascination about the concept I was skeptical myself that something so seemingly simple could be so effective. The results I have read about though, speak for themselves.

I wanted to read your book, and although I have a PC I jumped through the hoops to sign up for an account to iTunes hoping there was a way to make it work. I managed to download the file to my computer but can't find a way to open it. It plainly states the requirements needed to open the file, which I don't have, but I thought maybe Apple had provided a way to convert or read the file on a PC, since they allowed opening an iTunes account on a PC. Am I missing something? Is there a way to open the file on my PC, or is there another file type available somewhere where I could view it?

My plans are to try this filtration method out this spring, and have started gathering up the needed supplies. Hopefully I can participate in, and contribute my experience on your blog.

Thanks so much for what you have shared,

Ed.: Name withheld

Hi ---------,


Thanks for the very kind words and yes you’re right, a lot of hobbyist I guess I rub the wrong way!


I just read on Extreme Koi forum from the UK a hobbyist saying QUOTE: with user name of: JohnKitching: "I really, really, really hate that Dr. Novak!"... "And hope the Anoxic filtration system fails!" WOW! Very vindictive words and for what reason I don’t know. Yet the mediators of that sight let that sort of narcissistic mannerisms be posted, knowing that it is a condescending discriminatory comment to another forum member and let it go on without retribution. This however is very typical of hobbyist(s) on forums and for the past 25-years this kind of simplemindedness, plus death threats, that have been written on forums directed at me. All this is because I invented a filtration system…it just doesn’t make any sense does it? For the life of me I just can’t understand why so many are protesting about something they don’t understand. After all there are a lot of pond filters out there that have very big price tags with bad reputations already, or is it because the AFS is free. 

Tell me, if someone threatens with intent to cause harm to someone or even cause the threat of tort to others, that then is an unstable individual or Troll as they say and should not be allowed on a forum with a younger audience in attendance. It’s a bad message that, if adults can do it, then it’s okay for them (children) to pick on people they may not like too. And I thought Extreme Koi was a friendly forum! 

Don’t worry about my iTunes book on the Anoxic Filtration System because my blog actually has more information than the book does and most of the articles have been rewritten on my blog, too. 

Please let me know how things get along with your pond build and any information you send me I will gladly place on my blog to teach others along with myself.








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