Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New URL for Anoxic Filtration Blog.

My deepest apologies to everyone for changing the URL to my blog but I had to pull the trigger on this one sooner or latter. But when I first started this blog after the closing of KKU (Koi Keepers Unleashed) I knew then a proper URL would someday have to be implemented and not just some “drklnovak” which is not Google or Bing friendly and does not represent the contents of this blog whatsoever.

The new URL is:

  It’s a little more intuitive and gives people right off the bat the information they need to know where they are going and what to expect. The drklnovak tells them nothing in advance and it became a guessing game at what this was and how this would represent this blog.

 I’m trying now to get all URL’s organized on the blog and internet and hopefully it will become more Bing and Google friendly as the New Year and warmer weather prevails.

So, too all my readers, I give many thanks.


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