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FYI on pond chemicals for BW and other algae's.

Quote: from a UK forum.

Originally Posted by brian1962 
As you know i have been suffering with BW in the anoxic and what i did was to isolate it for a few days and gave it a dose of cba.......well 2 weeks on and its looking great 


Brian I was having the same problem but I hung fire treating it as sure I read that it eventually goes when the bugs get up to speed and hey presto it is now dying off in both the filter and the pond so hopefully that should be it. It's been hard not putting anything in but this year I don't want to treat the pond unless I have to after I put nearly every chemical in the pond known to man! 

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[Ed: CBA stands for Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, and is for persistent Blanketweed filamentous algae growth but to my knowledge is not sold in the USA and only in the UK.

However, the hobbyist that reapplies to Brian’s post, states that he held-fast on using any chemicals to eradicate the Blanketweed in his filter and pond to let the AFS mature and start making antibodies that will do the same thing. As these AFS start to mature in the UK and settle-in, so will the Blanketweed problems and its duration in the pond and filter will become shorter and shorter with time.

There are always circumstances where algae and cyanobacteria are more persistent than other years but the AFS will prevail in the long run without the use of chemical additives. The CBA states that it must be added to the pond eight times a year and best results will be seen after the second application of the chemical, but Brian will soon find out that once was enough and any additional use of the chemical CBA will not be needed henceforth.]

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