Thursday, April 30, 2015

I thought I would share this e-mail from Rachel, a nice lady in the UK with my readers.

I thought I would share this e-mail from Rachel, a nice lady in the UK with my readers. In time she will provide us with photos of her pond and how she made up her BCB’s for the UK hobbyist. Any an all information people are willing to share with others is always a good learning tool, don’t you think?

Thank you Rachel for the helping hand and valuable information you can provide to other hobbyists in the USA and UK.

This is the cat litter that Rachel chose as the best for her BCB’s out of some of the brands she tested in the UK.

Hi Kevin,

Yes the replacement litter I purchased is obviously hard baked clay pellets (its orange when wet). So “Sophisticat Pink” is ok (£10 for 30l). pH was still 8.5 24hrs after a water change with 7.5 pH water. Wonder if the tap water conditioner affects it? I haven’t got any algae to photosynthesize, as of yet, GH is 9. I’m not going to try to mess with it further.

Still have the existing black box filter going with UV and so far added 7 Biocenosis Clarification baskets with plants on a plenum. I know that is far more in excess than I need but I thought, as I needed to repot my lilies anyway I may as well do it in the cat litter. It’s cheaper than Aquatic Compost anyway. This will make repotting next time so much easier as I can just pull them out, split and push back into the basket with extra JBL Aquabasis plus. I wasn’t able to get hold of any Laterite here in the UK.

At the moment I just have two, side by side 360l metal stock tanks. One has the BCB’s and plants in it; the other has the Goldies in it. We are hoping to start the big pond build in a couple of weeks but this way I can get my BCB’s seeded and ready to go straight into the newly finished pond. It will have a bottom drain pumped to the black box with UV as a prefilter, overflow into a higher Anoxic Filtration pond with plants and plenum, and then overflow back to the main pond.

I will photograph our progress for you.

Best Wishes to you,


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