Thursday, April 23, 2015

More photos from Brian Woodcock in the UK and his MKII Anoxic Filtration System updates. 4-23-2015

My wife is moaning that I have taken the entire garden but if you look closely you can just see some garden...Duh women.  

Done a bit more today, drilled the wall to take the water supply and cutting and laying the copingstones till my grinder blew up

 I'm just happy to get this part done as my brother is a busy man and had to wait for his shift pattern (18 days off) but everything else I can do myself, jobs to do are fit my diffuser which is about the only thing apart from the baskets I am re-using and then paint the inside, I have gone for P1 pond paint after some research.

Also managed to get some strong plastic grid/tiles which 4 make 1m2 to use to sit my baskets on.


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