Friday, May 8, 2015

Brian’s Anoxic MKII is done and up and running…

Well here it is; Brian’s MKII Anoxic Filter is up and running. It cost £105.oo for the black pond coating to paint the inside of the Anoxic Filter and the total cost for the new filter is about £450.oo. Here in the US or should I say the upper Midwest, painting the inside of an Anoxic Filter like Brian did may not be a good idea do to the bitter cold weather we have. I think more investigation on the pond sealant would be in order to see if it could stand up to the cold without cracking. A 40-mil Butyl liner on the other hand will expand and contract enough to prevent such cracking. After all they use the stuff on roofs.

So what do you get for this kind of money in an Anoxic Filter verses a filter out of the box? An Anoxic Filter this big at a 50% increased in capacity than his old Anoxic Filter had is a big jump in size. It would take at least three Nexus 300 filter to equal this one Anoxic Filter. That would be a whopping  $ 15,000.oo USD in comparison spending to equal this Anoxic Filter. Über expensive yes, but only for the hobbyist that has the money for such equipment will take that path. Most hobbyists will only add one Nexus filter and realize in the end that they need more filtration as time goes on. That is why I have always said I have never seen a Nexus filter as a stand-alone filtration system for a pond without a supplement filtration system added to it.

The filter has the capability to have 12,000-15,000 gph of water pumped through it. If you can afford the electricity to run such high volume pumps then the Anoxic Filter can deal with that kind of water volume. A Nexus 300 has the capacity to handle about 3600 gph of water pumped through it so it would take about three of them to equal that kind of water turnover. The working capacity of an Anoxic Filter this big and three Nexus 300 filters is about identical but as for as cost goes there is no caparison. There is no way you could get three Nexus filters for £450.oo completely installed. As far as bacteria capacity the Anoxic filter wins hands down. There is no substitution for cubic inches of media.

Thanks Brian for your informative pictorial history of your MKII Anoxic Filtration build.


The basket you can see are all the ones from the MkI so I manages a 50% increase (don't tell the wife) I went to my local garden center to see if they had the ones I wanted, but they were £2 £1 each so I gotta wait.

I didn't realize just how big it is and need to order another 25 baskets taking the total including the planted ones to 56.

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