Sunday, May 10, 2015

Not all ponds are ponds that have Koi in them.

Not all ponds are ponds that have Koi in them. Some pond owners only have Goldfish ponds, and in some ways I can’t blame them. Koi are very expensive compared to Goldfish, like the Comet Goldfish for example is very cheep costing only a few cents apiece. They make great pond fish and can live 15-years or long under ideal pond conditions. They will not outgrow their surroundings if overfeed and filtration can be more simplified if one wishes. However, don’t be fooled into believing they are an easy fish to take care of, they are not. They can gain quit a lot of body mass for their size and still need good water quality because of their waste. Anoxic Filters make the best filters for Goldfish ponds.

They can usually be placed with plants like Water Lilies because they will not uproot the plants like Koi will. Their smaller size of only growing to a foot or a little bigger makes them perfect for smaller ponds. They come in a variety of bright colors but Yellow with Redheads is the most desirable of all the Goldfishes color combinations. Some the neatest Goldfish for ponds are in my opinions the Jikin’s. Not a cheep fish but a very different Goldfish that adds interest to anyone’s pond even when looking at them from above.

The Jikin with its Red lips and Bowtie tails makes a good show for ponds. All photos taken from internet.

QUOTE from a Koi forum: “I have anoxic baskets in my goldfish/lily pond and am very pleased with it - seems to have dealt with my nitrate and blanket weed issue. Not sure about the protein scum though - for me this tends to be an issue later in the year.”

All 12 Biocenosis Clarification Baskets are done now,
Parameters today are,
Ammonia 0.0
Nitrite 0.25
Nitrate 60
Ph 7.8
Gh 13
Kh. 5
Temp 14,

Well, one week on and all parameters the same.
Goldfish seem to like sunbathing over the baskets though and I think the plants have grown.

3000 gallon, vortex, nexus 200, EasyPod on skimmer. Shower now installed

 Photos above taken from Koi forum in UK.

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