Sunday, May 1, 2016

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The Pterophyllum scalare; pronounced [Tare'-o-fill'-um: wing; phyllum = a leaf: [sca-lair'-e: scalare = ladderlike] are a long time member of this 25-usg (94.63-L) antique brass fish aquarium. The aquarium uses a plenum system on the bottom, which I have written before in great detail in other post on Google +.

Water gets change every 6-9 months and the filter is an old Eheim 2227 water pulsating W/G filter. I don’t think this filter is sold in the US any more because of a problem it has with the Styrofoam float getting waterlogged and sticking.  I have three floats altogether and when filter cleaning is required (every 4-6 months) I just swop them out and let the unused floats dry out. This was not an inexpensive filter, but like all Eheim’s it was made to last, and last it has for the past 18-years now.

The Scalare’s are fed on dried bloodworm and dry foods only; no live food has ever been given at all. Temp is at 79-80ยบ F all year long. The Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) is about 25-years old now and has been a resident of this tank for that many years, too.

Dr. Kevin Novak Ph.D.

iPhone 6s took
this video.

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