Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brian Woodcock’s Anoxic Filtration MKII rebuild, bigger and more efficient than his old AFS.

Hello everyone, well it’s that time of year once again when we start thinking ponds and back yard activities. Not here in Chicago though, the weather temperatures are still too bitterly cold. In fact it is about 25 degrees lower than what the norm should be at this time of year.

However, in the UK the weather must be breaking and giving the Brits some nice wormer temps to get out and start working on their ponds and yards. Brian Woodcock is now working on his Anoxic Filter MKII that I made mention of in past post, and in the next photos he will be showing a teardown of his two-year-old Anoxic Filter to replace it with a bigger one that will hold more BCB’s plus have a Plenum.

The plenum will aid in the disposal of mulm and detritus that built up in the Anoxic Filter because of the restricting PVC pipes that the BCB’s were sitting on. The BCB’s will be raised and sitting on…well I don’t know exactly but will see as he progresses along. It may be PVC pipes or plastic egg-crate mesh.

Built into the plenum floor will be a 4" bottom drain replacing the 2" drain that he was presently using. Apparently the 2" drain did not allow the water to empty fast enough to take all the mulm out. With the BCB’s being raised off the filters bottom this will help in keeping his AFS cleaner and easier to maintain.

If you go through my posts you will see Brian’s old Anoxic Filter and how well it was made but this time he will replace the floors capping stone with a cement floor instead.
It’s a shame to see the old Anoxic Filter go, because it just started getting some patina on it.

Getting the new floor ready, you can also see how much bigger the Anoxic MKII is going to be compared to the old one.
This drawing shows a cut away view of the AFS and how the plenum will be added with PVC pipes to hold the BCB’s on. It will mimic a rabbit cage that lets all the detritus and mulm fall to the bottom.

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