Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Important: New problem in the UK in getting Laterite for their Anoxic Filtration System.

Hi Kevin,

 I have been trying to source some Laterite here in the UK and guess what everywhere is sold out and not restocking due to poor sales, is there an alternative? 

Regards Brian

Hi Brian,

There is another product you can use instead of Laterite if it is not available in the UK for the BCB; it’s called Ironite a soluble Mineral Iron granule supplement and it’s sold at hardware stores here in the US and a 40-lb bag will set you back $18.67 here.

It must be contained in a nylon stocking though and may cloud pond water for a day or two but don’t worry it will clear up. Look at the link below and Shelly will show you how to pack up each small Ironite bag to be placed in the BCB’s center. You only need half as much as the Laterite though.

Here is a link below so you can see if you have anything like this being sold in the UK.

Here is another product that can be used that is very obtainable in the UK called JBL Aquabasis Plus, 5l. Perfect as a replacement for that hard to find Laterite.

JBL Aquabasis Plus a good replacement for Laterite.

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