Monday, November 4, 2013

Shelly’s pond Build From Oregon…The Making of Biocenosis Baskets For The New Anoxic Filter.

Shelly’s pond Build From Oregon…The Making of Biocenosis Baskets For The New Anoxic Filter.

After some E-mails Shelly decided that the Laterite should go into nylon pouches instead of the typical spread in and mix option. When I first started experimenting with the AFS the only place I could get Laterite was from Dupla in Germany and they were in small individual balls and not in boxes of clay like API has. Sometimes Laterite will come as a fine powder that is best to be placed into a nylon bag than to be added loosely in the Biocenosis baskets. The upside of placing the Laterite separately from the cat litter is when it becomes exhausted it is very easy to replace. The nylon pouches will not hinder the biological activities in the slightest.

Shelly will now take you step by step on how to make a Biocenosis basket and a new idea taken from what I posted in my blog on how to keep everything into place to prevent the cat litter from coming out during filter clean out. I’m not sure if the window screen instead of the stiffer craft canvas will be 100% effective because of lacking the rigidity of the craft canvas, but innovation is the mother of all inventions.

To read more about the black plastic canvas click link below:

I also wish to extend a very warm thanks to Shelly for taking the timeout in her pond build to help others. Like others before her, each person that contributes something in the leaning process about the Anoxic Filter is one more voice that may save a Koi's life in the long run. I know how competitive this filtration market is and how the hobbyist must get through a quagmire of information and sales tactics to make an astute decision on filtration for their ponds. The AFS is only a small player in the arena of biological filtration systems and understanding such a complicated filter turns many hobbyists off from using it.

Her next post will be about how her and her husband made their Anoxic filter. The more ideas people have about the AFS the more likely the hobbyist  will become comfortable with it and save money in the long run.

Read more about Shelly’s pond build below:

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