Sunday, November 17, 2013

Letter sent to Mike Nowak’s Sunday Radio Show @ WCPT 820 AM and 92.5FM, 92.7FM, and 99.9FM Chicago’s Progressive Talk.

Letter sent to Mike Nowak’s Sunday Radio Show @ WCPT 820 AM and 92.5FM, 92.7FM, and 99.9FM  Chicago’s Progressive Talk.

Hello Mike Nowak,

I have been listening to your radio show on Sundays now for a long time and I think you’re missing a great opportunity to lessen the carbon footprints in our back yards. Your probably thinking to yourself right now: How can homeowners lessen their carbon footprints and go Green in their yards?

One big fad right now is the owning of a pond or water garden for homeowners and that hobby of keeping Goldfish or Koi is now a Billion dollar industry in the US alone. The problem is this hobby is now using up more water and not to mention using more electricity to run all that equipment than lets say 40 years ago.  The wastefulness of water and the further added electrical consumption to feed this hobby is now getting out of hand.

As new homeowners come into this hobby every year not much has been done to conserve water or electrical consumption. Yes, pumps have become more energy efficient but still the larger amount of electrical consumption is on the equipment that hobbyist must buy to maintain their Koi and/or Goldfish in a healthy state. It seem as though fish are treated as lesser animals on this earth more so than all others, and hundreds of thousands die each year in our back yards because of the lack of understanding their environmental needs and the exuberant cost of keeping them alive and healthy for the next 30 years plus.

Okay, I’ll get to my point! There is a greener way and a heather way of keeping fish healthy and alive without all the über expensive equipment that is now dominating the hobby. It’s being used throughout the world and in some parts to clean Gray water, too. It’s all-natural with less of a carbon footprint than any filter out there, does not clog and works much like a natural systems does by making N2 (78% of our atmosphere in nitrogen) as a byproduct just like natural aquatic systems do. However, it works better or as good as the most expensive filtration systems out there, but at a faction of the cost. Not to mention that it uses far less in electrical pumps and motors than other systems use without all the water changes that are so prolifically carried out buy hobbyist. And it uses the best way on this earth to grow aquatic plants known to man without wastewater with excessive amounts of nitrates and phosphates to go back into our waterways by water changes.

Saving water, saving electrical consumption, not adding more pollution to our waterways and last but not least saving the live of fish. You can’t get mush “greener” or eco savvy than that. If people insist on keeping fish out of their natural environment then don’t you think they have a given responsibility to their animals to give then the best chance of survival?


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