Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Syd has been a pioneer in getting the word out about the Anoxic Filtration System in so many ways...

After several years of my CD-Book being on Syd’s Internet site I have decided to retire that information source once and for all. My blog now carries all of my Anoxic book but it has been updated and corrections made to its contents. My blog also makes it better for the hobbyist to print and copy at will a lot easier than what was on his site.

Syd has been a pioneer in getting the word out about the Anoxic Filtration System in so many ways that I just can’t begin to thank him enough for all the hard work he has done for free. Though he lives in the UK and I in the USA we have a common bond with the same interest, and that is saving Koi’s lives and getting people to understand that science keeps plunging forward with progress and we only live in the scientist world that they have create for us.

Some may think or still think that the Anoxic Filter is nothing more than the Emperors New Clothes and no matter how much science teaches them they will never yield to the new ideals of progress. Syd Mitchell on the other hand never felt that way from his first article he wrote in Koi Magazine, in the Instant Experts - how to section in the UK, November of 2008 on Reducing Nitrates. I still remember his article and some of his lines stated: “The way these baskets work is too complicated to explain in detail but relies on the fact that, according to Dr. Novak’s research, although nitrate is an excellent plant food, ammonia is a better one.” And “On top of that, facultative anaerobic bugs ensure that any nitrate in the water is stripped of its oxygen and the nitrogen bubbles in the same way as in denitrifying media in figure two. And that’s just the simple explanation – the full details are mind-numbing!” I think the words mind-numbing and the Anoxic filtrations definition gets to be too much for some hobbyist and they immediately get and easier explanation on conventional filters nitrogen cycle that will satisfy them better.

As Syd and I know, the fight to get the word out is not an easy one and the word is getting out but very slowly, only because I’m not a big manufacture of pond goods and do not advertise in ever periodical that hobbyist can get their hands on. I think that everyone should understand that the AFS is not a replacement for all filters out there but just one of many choices hobbyists has in the filtration world to choose from.

To read some of Syd’s articles click on the links below:


Hi Kevin,

As I have said many times before, when I first saw your system, I was impressed by the beautiful simplicity of the concept.  The science was very much harder of course but, when I first contacted you and you sent me your first CD FOC, I was impressed by your generous nature.  You weren't trying to make a profit from your research, you were giving it away for free complete with as much explanation as people were asking for and all at considerable cost of time and expense to yourself.

Since then it has been my pleasure to help rebut some of the negativity that was going around at the time and to help promote your idea.  I will still keep promoting Anoxic Filtration as usual when I give club talks and seminars.

The page on my site has been altered.  The PDF’s of your book have now been removed and replaced with links to your iTunes download and your BlogSpot.

If there is anything else I can do please ask.

Best regards

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