Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shelly’s pond Build From Oregon…The Making of The New Anoxic Filter Design and Build. November 21st, 2013 Update.

Shelly’s pond Build From Oregon…The Making of The New Anoxic Filter Design and Build.

If you wish to read more of Shelly’s pond build click the links below.

Shelly’s dream pond now a reality and after years in the making, at least in theory that is it was years in the making. Whenever a hobbyist makes the plunge to build a new pond they are bombarded with advertisements on filtration systems and even pond builder will try and convince them that only their products are the best and stick with what they have to offer. Trying to get through what others are saying and what you feel is right is not as easy as one thinks. Some think that if you don’t have a carbon footprint that will dim the streetlights in your neighborhood, then your system is no good and you should stay out of the hobby. However, this could not be farther from the truth with what is known today by science.  Having Koi does not mean that you need or have to have the most expensive equipment out there, it just means you have educate yourself a little more to get the right kind of filtration system to do the job you want it to.

Don’t over spend or under spend to achieve your goals. A good energy efficient water pump, aerator, UV Light/Sterilizer and prefilter will have a very small impact on your budget but a very large impact on your animals if you use the AFS. Like I have said before I have never seen a Nexus filter as a standalone filtration system in anyone’s pond, it was always backed up with other filtration systems to aid in the ponds filtration needs. But the cost of a Nexus alone could break the budget of your pond build. Keep it simple, clean and neat and you should have years of happy Koi ponding.

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