Saturday, November 16, 2013

Well, I cleaned the anoxic filter pond today.

Hi Kevin,


 Well, I cleaned the anoxic filter pond today. Wow, what a job. I could not have guessed that my plants would have grown so much in 1 year. I planted 1 fan of Yellow Flag iris per pot in 4 pots and all were completely filled and overflowing, almost too heavy to lift. Next year I'll only have 1 basket of that plant. Also the water lilies have bloomed non-stop and were still trying, but I cut them off in prep for winter. All this with no fertilizer and cat litter with a little laterite mixed in. All the pots had a layer of mulm on them and some of the gravel was dark, but there was no bad odor and no noticeable hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) smell. Still a bit of string algae, but only in the filter pond and not much there. I had 52 pots in my anoxic pond, so the job took most of the day to clean and refill. Water quality has remained very stable with very minimal water changes. Ph 7.9 to 8.1; 0.0 Ammonia and nitrite; <5 ppm nitrates, Kh stable w/o additions 107.4; Gh 179. The Koi are healthy and growing. And I am very happy.




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