Saturday, December 7, 2013

I get E-mails ... And believe it or not there are some very nice people out there.

Hi Kevin.

Just for more encouragement (that is if you haven’t had enough already. Hehehe!) that lots of people are actually trying AFS, much more that those posting things on forum asking questions may it be constructive or not.

For example in our Indonesian forum there are only 5-6 people are actively posting things, but when I started to share my hundred of kilos of Laterite there was a enormous demand. Many from those i have never saw active on the forum. 

During my Laterite sharing exercise, I learnt that there are at least 3 people in Indonesia that have been using AFS successfully since 3yrs ago.

The majority of people, who want to try your system or those who had positive results upon application are usually silent, compared to those who try to belittle other. I would just ignore them completely.

All the best


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(Ed: I also wanted to say it's letters like this of encouragement is why I do it for free and keep at it constantly. Thanks Dipa)

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