Saturday, December 21, 2013

I 'm running an 80 watt UV sterilizer to help minimize algae...

Dr. Novak,

I am using your anoxic filtration system an in my pond and I'm having problems with the water being cloudy.  I 'm running an 80 watt UV sterilizer to help minimize algae, have water hyacinth in the filter pond and a filter pad in the skimmer.

I found an article for building your own protein extractor and was thinking of giving it a try.  But then I also came across an Ion clarifier in a catalog.  The ad claims that this device will clear up water by placing this metal probe within the plumbing which will release the right amount of copper, silver, and zinc ions.  Which would you recommend?  Do you think the ion clarifier would work or is it just marketing hype?  It's not cheap ($300).   I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you,

Bob Mucerino

Hi Bob, 

If I remember correctly your UV lights are incorrectly set up. Here’s the correct way to setup the UV lights for your pond. Do not pump more than 2000-gal through them, less would be better. Save your money and first try this remedy. The cloudiness should subside in about a week or two.

Note: My recommendation for setting up his UV light correctly did help Bob’s problems so he didn’t have to spend more money on an ion clarifier.

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