Sunday, December 1, 2013

Some hobbyists think they know more than the experts…but they don’t!

“Sorry but I think that suggesting a "Koi pond" that is reasonably stocked and fed can go without any water exchange for such a period is bad advice to the many looking in.”

E-mail sent to David J. after he E-mail me asking for an apology after his insulting remark that I was giving "bad advice" to the hobbyist.

Both of these Koi were grown in 1200 US gals of water and are 6-7 years old now in this photo. The Kin Matsuba is 29" (73.66 c) and the speckled Bekko is 31" (78.74 c) and are still alive today in beta testing pond 21 years latter. I will add that water changes are not a priority with this hobbyist either.

Okay, you came on this tread that talks about AFS, making a statement that you think I’m wrong and your right.  WE are talking about Anoxic filters here and not conventional filtration systems, which is what this thread is all about! However, I see now from your statement above that you are the self-proclaimed expert on this subject and not me, and that my advise about the AFS is wrong and I should not be giving such deliberately misconstrued information out! I’m I reading your statement correctly? So now you drew first blood by correcting me and telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and you do, so therefore I’m giving out “BAD ADVICE” for those that read my post.

There are 7.123 billon people on this planet, and out of those 7.123 billon people, there is one expert on the subject of the AFS and that my dear sir is I, and I only! If I make a statement that the AFS can do something…well then you can take that to the bank! If you wish to challenge anything I say and call it “BAD ADVICE” - In other words I don’t know what I’m talking about. - You better then be ready to backup what you say with scientific proof that I’m wrong and you’re right. I don’t know were hobbyist like you get off in thinking you’re some kind of expert in field of Limnology, Ichthyology or aquatic microbiology like I am, and then have the audacity to tell a scientist that your right and they are wrong!  Really!!!  In what expertise is your field of study in again, I didn’t quite catch that?

And now you want me to apologies to you, for you belittling me in front of everyone with unfounded accusations that I’m giving out ‘bad advise’ on the Anoxic filter and its capabilities! Are you kidding!!! You will get no such apologies from me for your arrogant behavior. You are nothing but a hobbyist, showing off in front of others to get your moment of fame at the expense of others by trying to belittle them. The only trouble is: I really know what I’m talking about and you are clueless on the subject.

Then on top of all that, you want proof with photos that Cyprinus carpio can grow to 80cm in a pond using an Anoxic filter. I don’t have to prove anything after 25-years of proving the Anoxic filter and myself, you prove it can’t be done!If hobbyist would listen to people like you, we would still be in the Stone Age with ponding.Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, you just now have to educate yourself on new technologies and think out-of-the-box!

You will be able to read this e-mail on my blog, too. People need to see such arrogant hobbyist like you thinking they are know-it-alls! 

Dr. Kevin Ph.D.

Photo 2: The female Shusui is 29ʺ-long, the Shiro Utsuri is now 25ʺlong, and the Yellow Chagoi is 24ʺ long and the small speck of orange at the left side of the picture is a female Benigoi at 31ʺlong. The female Showa and the male Tancho Sanke are both 20ʺlong respectably. These fish are fed about 80-lbs of food a season and are all in 1200 US gal of water with only one water change done each month.

Photo 3: In this photo the female gray Chagoi at bottom of this photo grew from 18" to 24" in just one season and the breeder that sold this Koi to the hobbyist can verify this statement. 1200 US gal pond.

Photo 4: This photo shows a 14000-US gal pond that in five years grows Koi to over 32" long [Ed: He sold a 33" five year old Chagoi in 2012 he bought at 6" to club members.] then Zack sells them off to those that use conventional filters costing hundreds of times more than his AFS did. AFS filter is in the background spilling out 12000-gph from it.

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