Sunday, December 15, 2013



Shelly has now finished her long awaited pond and has incorporated an Anoxic Filter into her pond build. Early next spring as soon as the weather permits the AFS will already be waiting for the pond startup. Unlike conventional filters, the Anoxic filter is ready and waiting to take on another year of chemical and biological filtration needs. No need to inoculate with bacteria cultures or chemicals of any kind.

 For those that have conventional filtration systems this early springtime is a stressful time of year for their Koi. The bacteria now need to wait for temperatures to clime to acceptable levels of at least a steady 55F° (12C°) before they are any good at processing the Nitrogen Cycle once again. However, the AFS is ready to go (Ed: This can be seen in testing the Biocenosis baskets and still finding oxygen in the medium. If the bacteria were dead or inactive them anaerobic bacteria would take its place and Hydrogen Sulfide would be its byproduct along with more Ammonia.) and the bacterium is now waiting for Ammonia and other ions at temperatures of 35F° (1.6C°) not the usual 20-30C° (68F- 86F°) that the Nitrosomonas chemoautotrophic bacteria does and remember this is the optimum temperature for this bacteria to carry out its transformation of biological processes and is less effective at colder temps.

Unfortunately Koi are already foraging for food at temps of about 48F° (8.8C°). They now need bacteria to get back into their systems and fast. If the hobbyists waits too long then their animals’ become weaken from lack of natural foods or processes foods and become susceptible to all kind of primary and secondary infections or undue stress that may lead to complications further down the road.

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