Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter from the Netherlands.

Hello Dr. Novak,

I’m a koi keeper living in the Netherlands and very interested in anoxic filtration. Because it is the answer to the question I discussed on a Dutch koi forum some years ago; how to combine oxic and anoxic filtration into one system. To my knowledge there is no one who uses this system in the Netherlands for filtering the koi pond.

I’m now trying to get the ingredients together, but have a difficulty to get the right catty litter the none swelling type. I think i have an alternative found its called "Liapor" it’s made from a clay from the Lias ( &

I’m intent to use the crushed granulated form. Technical data sheets can be found here they are in English

My question is: Is this type of clay good as a replacement for the kitty litter and therefore can it be used in the baskets?  (I don't know if it is negative charged and the CEC)

Hope you can give me an answer,

With regards,

Henk Hodde

Hello Henk,

 Thanks for your letter and interest in the Anoxic Filtration system. It is the most eco friendly system that one can use by today’s standards by the EPA environmental regulations because of its end byproduct is N2 and not NO3 Nitrates or Phosphates PO4 like other systems produce. In fact that is why phosphates were eliminated from automatic dishwasher detergents because of the EPA’s concern about the impact of phosphates on aquatic systems and the environment, the properties and the performance of polyphosphate products are now a very large concern here in the US along with anything that aids in the distribution of Nitrates through fertilizers and hobbyist ponds.

  Just looked at the technical data on Liapor; this product does have small pores in each bead that allow bacteria to grow inside of it like Siporax. Also, the pore-water and permeability size or it capabilities of such may change over time to the point that the oxygen or the restriction of such would change the chemical and biological makeup to the point that it could hinder the system from performing at maximum capacity. Read about such in my Cd-book at and I do explain how important these two criteria are. [Ed: Now on my blog at the links below.]

It seem that processed clays (cat litter) that have been baked at high temperatures and cleaned is a problem were you live and alternatives like Liapor may be your only resource for a filter media. Unfortunately you will have to try some baskets out to see if Liapor will work or clog over time from bacteria polymers and micro detritus.

From my experience such filter mediums do clog over time from bacteria polymers and only the outside or face surface is used by the bacteria that we are looking for and the inside of the pores are colonized by anaerobic bacteria that only produces ammonia (by using Nitrates) as an end byproduct. This is something the manufactures do not want you to know.

Ed: However, such products as Zeolite and JBL’s Aquabasis Plus to make up the Biocenosis baskets are being used in Indonesia with some very good results.

Zeolite info: Yogas’s pond build from Indonesia.

JBL’s Aquabasis Plus info: Ardy’s pond build from Indonesia.

Hope this helps.

Don’t know the artist that drew this example of a Biocenosis Clarification Basket AKA: Biocenosis Basket for short. But it is a good example of how the baskets work.

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