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The information is from an Australian Koi forum.

The information posted here is from an Australian Koi forum; unfortunately the hobbyist had to leave the hobby because of health problems. The quotes are old, but they do show how effective the Anoxic Filter is when done right. As you read you will see an √©lan attitude that the hobbyist gets from his amazement of success. Like most that try the system for the first time have a tepid attitude and is relevant in most cases but soon gives way to one of “ Hey this thing really works!” and a progressive confidence soon becomes the norm.


I also wanted to bring up that Syd’s article on the Anoxic Filtration System part two is out on the internet at Pond Trade Magazines website.




“G’day all, hope we are all well, Koi included, just a small update on the filter system, at the end of last season we had a Nitrate reading up in the 100ppm which has been a standard reading at the end of the summer for us, and an interesting thing has happened over the Autumn / Winter and early Spring months with no other change to the maintenance routine during this time, I have been testing the Nitrate and have been noticing it falling slightly, and upon testing this week have found the Nitrate has fallen to less than 40ppm which I believe is due to the new filter system, if this holds stable during the summer months I will be converting the whole filter system over to this type of filter, also I do believe that the whole pond and the Koi have come out off the winter better than in recent years, their skin is brighter colors sharper and the white is nice and clean, so on that note I shall keep those who are interested informed and up to date on our progress and hope all have a great breeding season.”
Wayne & Tammy




“Good Morning All
Just thought i would bore you some more with an update on the water conditions, with reference to our Anoxic filtration, as I stated we have had a fall in the levels of Nitrate since setting up a small test pond of the Anoxic filtering system which is in our filtered water return pond, since we now have been feeding for at least 2 months I was hoping for the Nitrate levels to remain stable at the early spring level of just under 40ppm, but upon testing last Friday morning, I was impressed to find the level had actually dropped a noticeable amount, we now have a definite reading of 20ppm, again I stress we have not changed the maintenance schedule or amount of water changed per week.
Regards Wayne and Tammy”



“Hello Bindi
You may well be right in thinking that, but we have not been able before to get the Nitrate level down to this level and the only thing that we have changed was the introduction of this Anoxic filter system in the return pond, even large water changes, and buy large I mean half the volume of the pond which we tried in Spring of 2006 made little difference in the Nitrate level, the way I understand this system is able to do the job it is doing is buy way of returning the filtered water which has had the ammonia removed and converted to Nitrite and then into Nitrate, then it passes through at 200 ltr Trickle tower filter full of Bio Balls where the Nitrate is converted back to Ammonia by degassing as I understand the process and then returns to the pond via the Anoxic Filtering pond where the Ammonia is removed and converted to free Nitrogen gas, hence the reduction of Nitrates, this was only a test to see if the system worked before changing the whole filter system over to the Anoxic System, why change you may ask, well by changing to only the Anoxic filter, the filter system will be producing a minute amount of waste as the Nitrification process will still occur on the outside of the baskets but only I very small colony, and the Ph will be more stable as little or no acids will be produced by this filter and the clay inside the baskets will maintain a stable Ph, and I will have a LOT less water changing.
 Hope this all makes sense as I am not a scientist, but I do read a lot and try things before I decide whether good, or not so good. That is a pretty basic explanation of what is going on in our pond as I understand it to be.

Also the look of the Koi and water seems to tell me I am not making something out of nothing.”
Regards Wayne & Tammy

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