Monday, December 30, 2013

It’s hard to believe that after 25-years of the AFS those that are ‘suppose to be in the know’ no nothing of this system.

For those that keep saying, “ I’ve never heard of an Anoxic Filtration System before!” it has been published in several periodicals throughout the years.

Syd Mitchell has published several articles in UK magazines on Nitrate reduction and the Anoxic Filtration System.

This article on Reducing Nitrates by Syd Mitchell was published in Koi magazine November of 2008, and talked about the Anoxic Filtration System and how it worked by reducing Nitrates. Though the article was written almost six years ago, it’s funny how pond builders still to this day have never heard of the AFS and know nothing about its dynamics when customers ask. 

However, most of these same people that own these pond companies that are constantly on forums, Koi clubs, doing seminars, specializing in educating the public and “In The Know” with being up to date on the latest and greatest ponding technologies still know nothing of the AFS. It makes you sit back and wonder are they really out of the loop or, are they just playing dumb to sell you a more profitable products?

After talking to several of them I realize it’s the latter of the two and sacrificing information that is badly needed in this hobby for a few Benjamin’s is their justification for ignorance.  It’s hard to believe that after 25-years of the AFS those that are ‘suppose to be in the know’ know nothing of the AFS. I hope those that are reading my blog will realize that this is not some fly-by-night filtration system and it should not remain a secret because of those that are unwilling to except it. Believe me there are a lot of hobbyists out there that will not except or want you to know about the AFS. The AFS should have its place in its rank & file of pond filters, but because of its simplicity to make, it may never see the light of day and there are many out there that would like to keep it that way.

Pond Trade magazine of 2011 May-June had articles on Anoxic Filtration System. This magazine is geared for the professional pond builder and pond industry and lets them know what is up and coming for their clients.

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