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I’m hoping you can help me just a little regarding this anoxic filter system.

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Hi Kevin,

I’m hoping you can help me just a little regarding this anoxic filter system. I have only just dug the hole for my pond. It will be block built with concrete bottom and aerated bottom drain and approx 4500/5000 gals.

I was going to build a veggie filter into one of the walls but do you think I would be better building an anoxic filter system instead?

I already have a bead-filter, which I bought second hand. I was going to run this from a skimmer. Do you also think its best to use...bottom drain to sieve then into anoxic filter system?

This is all new to me but it has to be right first time and I ain’t going to rush my build. It is very important to get it right first time.

Last question...Would I still need to use a UV? Some say you don’t need a UV with Veggie-filters and anoxic filters...

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Reply to his email...

It is a shame that I cannot answer this private Email in person on the Extreme Koi website, but I have been shunned from that sight and cannot log in any longer. I had a little tiff with a moderator from that website named Dave J. that thought I should say I’m sorry to him when he said that I’m giving “bad advice” to hobbyist about the AFS.

So now I can’t long in …but maybe it is just coincidence that I can’t long in any longer…Yea, RIGHT! Anyway it is the hobbyist that suffers when information that is so valuable to them can’t get to them. So I will answer his questions in my blog instead. I hope Rod is reading my blog, if not, my answers will be on deaf ears.

First, the AFS is a lot better than a Veggie filter. Read my post in my blog about such:

So I would go with an AFS over the veggie filter any day of the week. Read Brian woodcock’s Anoxic Filtration build: He will tell you the same thing!

The idea of the bottom drain going into a sieve then into the AFS sounds good…if you think the pond water will be clean enough before the Anoxic filter. But a really good prefilter/ skimmer is all that is needed. Make it easy on yourself so maintenance is easy, quick and not an inconvenience to do.

UV sterilizers to me are a must piece of pond equipment for healthy Koi. UV sterilizers have been used in this hobby for over 50-years now and have proven themselves time and time again. Please read my post on UV’s and it will tell you more info:
I try to cover as much info on ponds and their dynamics along with info on the AFS as I can in my blog to help all hobbyists, not just the hobbyists that will be using an AFS, but any filter out there.

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