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An Effective Homemade Pre-filter That’s Easy To Make.

An effective homemade prefilter that’s easy to make but I don’t know in real dollars if it’s all that cheaper to make than store bought ones. I have been asked more than once to show how to build this prefilter believe-it-or-not, only because it works and the hobbyist like myself has a sense of accomplishment when the project is finished. Plus it will last far years; my prefilter has lasted 15-years now. 

At least someone is reading my blog!

THANK YOU!! Looking very forward to your pre-filter "How-to"! Our BD-->prefilter-->anoxic filter chamber are a "gravity flow" system. I so hope your instructions will apply to GF.

Yes, Laterite mines are rather rare, globally, so what a coincidence to learn that there are several mines clustered just south of the California/Oregon border, east of Crescent City (an ocean beach town). I'll take a drive down there at some point and kick the dirt around a bit! In the meantime, I recently ordered API Laterite (1 20oz=$8.99, 2 55oz=$11.99ea +$8.99 shipng) for 15 baskets @1 cup each. I found the cheapest price for API Laterite at "Big Al's Online":

20oz = $8.99

Again, thanks for all you do and have done. You've made a difference. Sheesh... you've given newbies like us a reasonable, do-able method for a simple, affordable, clean pond -- and happy healthy inhabitants! I don't think we'd be building a pond, but for this.


Ed: Thanks Shelly for passing on this information to the other readers. 

This photo shows the pre-filter to the bottom right in my pond.

The entire pre-filters media can be bought at Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. in Aoioka, Florida . On left is Filter Foam, reticulated sold in 2'x6' sheets (rolled) 1"  thick foam "fish grade" long-life that is replaced once a year. The photo on the right is Matala Sheet Media, I use the green in wintertime and the blue media in the summer and can be used far years before it needs to be replaced.
Thin wall PVC pipes or black Flex-Pipe is the PVC that is preferred and two sheets of black or white plastic canvas.The black thick plastic screen on left by the white PVC pipe is from a milk-crate bottom cut to size.Black plastic canvas that covers the Biocenosis Baskets if void of plants in that basket.

The main pre-filter box is a 12" x 12" Catch Basin kit in black that you can buy at any hardware store.

screws that come with the Catch Basin have been replaced with SS screws that once the top is placed back on, SS wing nuts   can be use or black Bakelite nuts can be use to secure it easily.

These small Bakelite caps (@ ACE Hardware Stores) with a brass nut insert work very well too in holding down the lid. 

                      The entire pre-filters media as explain above.

These two photos show the assembly of the bottom grate with holes drilled in it of ¼" . The PVC is of ¾" size, then the black milk-crated grate is placed on top of that, then the two plastic canvas sheets are added.

Now the assembly of the cleaned pre-filter. If you don't like the white PVC then paint it black.

                                               Very simple to reassemble.

      All filter media is now back and ready to have the grated lid placed back on.

This slip-fit 90° elbow is connected to the submersible pump; This is what will go over the white PVC pipe that is sticking out of the top of the pre-filter.

             All parts to make the pre-filter can be obtained at any hardware store; this black PVC piping is called Flex Pipe.

The top of the pre-filter lid has a hole in it to let the PVC pipe through. The pump with the 90° PVC elbow sits right on top of the pre-filter when in the pond. The only thing that is visible is the pipe coming out of the pond and into the Anoxic Filter.
This photo shows the pipe connected to the submersible pump and coming out of the pre-filter from the testing pond. 

So if my pond can use a simple setup like this…just think what you can do with a more elaborate setup and pre-filter.

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