Friday, August 16, 2013

What make of Laterite do you use and where can it be acquired?


What make of Laterite do you use and where can it be acquired?


Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes a product called First Layer Pure Laterite also API does to. It comes in three sizes, 20 oz., and 55 oz. along with the 80 oz. size. The 55 oz. size can make up to six pots or baskets using one cup (237 ml.) per pot. Dupla makes a product called Duplaroot K that works just as well as Aquarium Pharmaceuticals product. 

The use of any one of these products has come up with excellent results as far as plant growth and its ability to expedite bacterial growth. Experimentation and the use of other products did not have the same quiddity of the two products mentioned. In addition, do not use normal earthen ground clay in any of the Biocenosis baskets. Earthen ground clay will only compact and its permeability and porewater capabilities are atrociously bad to nonexistent. 

These products can be obtained by: Pet Solutions @ ( or 1– 800-737-3868 and at Dr. Foster and Smith Aquarium Outfitters @ ( or 1-800-443-1160. You can also get Laterite on eBay @ ( it comes in 55oz. size, and can also acquire these products at or go directly to their site at:




Yes, Laterite mines are rather rare, globally, so what a coincidence to learn that there are several mines clustered just south of the California/Oregon border, east of Crescent City (an ocean beach town). I'll take a drive down there at some point and kick the dirt around a bit! In the meantime, I recently ordered API Laterite (1 20oz=$8.99, 2 55oz=$11.99ea +$8.99 shipng) for 15 baskets @1 cup each. I found the cheapest price for API Laterite at "Big Al's Online":

20oz = $8.99

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