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What they don’t want you to know can do more harm than good.

What they don’t want you to know can do more harm than good.

This is my response to an E-mail that was sent to me by a salesman named John. He was trying to convince me that a product he was selling and distributing was a Nitrate reducing agent. All you had to do is pour it into your pond and Wallah (“Really?”) …All your Nitrate problems will be gone! The only problem is I don't see it talked about on many Koi forums in the UK as a miracle additive for ponds. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm saying why is it not being use more prolifically? The only pond hobbyists here in the U.S. that uses Micro-Lift as a supplement are the ones built by contractors that add rocks and gravel to the bottom of their ponds.

Hi John,

I see you're selling a microbial based product called; Viresco Aqua! In the U.S. they sell a product called: Micro-Lift! It probable has the same base and more than likely works on the same principle (using heterotrophs) as other similar products sold for pond use do. The Anoxic Filter is different as in: Once you have it you never need to buy another chemical or bacterial microbial product again. Sorry for the bad news, but this system even outperforms Nexus systems costing thousands of dollars more. Why? Because pathogens and germs can also be eradicated by it. 

Here is a posting from KoiShack from a hobbyist that uses it.

Posting on KoiShack May of 2008,


By: tbb

“Yes I have used this system successfully for more than 6 years. I can tell you that all of my past problems with algae, sick fish, and GREEN WATER have long been gone. Others that I know have also used this system. It doesn't seem to matter how big or small. I have not used any chemicals, barley, crystals or bacteria to keep the water clean, clean, and clean. Direct sun or shade. I currently have a 1600 gallon pond and over 30 fish, Shubunkins and koi. Some of my fish are about 18 to 24 inches. Not a single person that I know has not been able to make this system work. You or others must follow Kevin’s instructions. Don't try to modify or redesign it. I certainly was a skeptic. I couldn't believe that it would work. How come no one from our pond club ever told me about this system? I kept testing my water so much but couldn't measure detectable measures of ammonia, nitrates, or nitrites. I know most people that read this are not going to believe me. I will be glad to give additional information and or pictures. I have been on our local pond tour MIDWEST POND AND KOI SOCIETY for many years and have taught many others of this ANOXIC FILTRATION SYSTEM. Currently a pond that is 14000 gallons has been built and installed using this system. This will be another test in process.

As you can see, once people use the Anoxic system … your product becomes anachronistic in a sense.  A filtration system that can actually stop pond hobbyist from wasting freshwater and save the lives of countless Koi and goldfish! Bring Nitrates down from 120-ppm to 20-ppm! At zero cost to the hobbyist! The reason you haven’t heard of the Anoxic Filtration is because of “commerce” and small and large businesses don’t want you to know it exists. Yet it is so simple and cost a fraction of what is being sold on the market today. It works so well, that once a person uses it, they buy nothing more from the manufacturers that make pond products. Not the kind of information you want to get out to the public at the speed of light if you’re in the market for selling pond chemicals and freeze-dried heterotrophic inoculation products is it? 

 “It’s the death of a salesman” as to say...Anoxic Filtration System that is! I get lots of e-mail from people that sell pond products… their in business to sell and make money off the hobbyist and I’m in business to help them stop wasting their wherewithal’s for such.

John I have been doing this for almost three decades now. I’ve been chastise by all that only have their better interest in mind or that don’t understand microbiology.Been called names, threaten on the internet and even the Koi club I belong to for the past 19 years, will not let me do a seminar in fear of commerce. This system scares people to death; that is the ones which sells pond products. 

 One of the largest pond product catalog store in the USA, Dr.’s Foster & Smith… I was told by a KoiVet ( KoiVet is the name of the forum he's on) professional that one of their sales associates said: “The system is a bunch of crap!”  That’s pretty good coming from someone that’s never used the system, knows nothing about it, and is sitting at a desk making minimum wage. After all the business I’ve given them by hobbyists buying Laterite and planting baskets from them.

Yours truly,

Note: This letter above was sent in 2008 to a salesman.

In order to drive the point home on how bad it is in the pond business and how they do not want the hobbyists to know about the Anoxic Filtration system that’s free to the public. When the topic was brought up about the Anoxic Filtration System on Koi Keepers Unleashed forum some years ago, one of the first posts on the subject was from a fellow with the user name “PondGuy”. He made it very clear that if you used Laterite, your pond water would turn orange in color from the Iron in the Laterite.

 I was alerted to this statement by Google alerts and went on the KKU forum and made it very clear that after using Laterite for over thirty years now this was a false statement and held no validity to what PondGuy said!  I must say even if some did get into solution it would just settle to the bottom because clay is heavier than water.  I have never had a pond or aquarium ever turn orange from Laterite.

I was PM by someone on the KKU forum and was told that this PondGuy builds cookie cutter ponds in my area. Once his statement was challenge and he was exposed that he was a pond builder and only had his better interest in mind…guess what! He vanished from the forum because he had no proof of what he said! He just came on the forum to discourage people from using the system, scare tactics!

On Koiphen, a hobbyist did some testing with different filters, one of them being the Anoxic Filter in his garage. As he was testing he made modifications to some of the parameters of his testing vats in order to come up with positive results favoring other filtering systems over the Anoxic System. Everyone on the forum praised him how great he was for taking the timeout for doing this but  overlooked the changes he made in midstream of his testing skewing the test results.

However, when Dr. Franco in Italy did his test A comparison study of filtration systems ( Anoxic Vs All) By: Lio Stove , Castrezzato Italy on the Anoxic Filtration System and even built a testing pond, he found that the garage test posted on Koiphen where false and a little misconstrued from his findings. When he stated it on Koiphen, no one wanted to hear it or was even interested in his test results.  Dr. Franco stuck to the correct periodical on his testing of the Anoxic System and proved that it worked as did Dkoinut had stated with his test, too.Setting up and testing the Anoxic Filtration as told by dkoinut on 2009.

Why did the garage test fail…no one will really know the truth on that one. One thing for sure was some people like those negative results better than what was stated by the other two credible men. Any negativity would be treated with positive favoritism and anything that showed positive was discriminated against and shunned. We fear what we do not understand.

Dr. Lio Stove  AKA: Dr.Franco in Italy testing the Anoxic Filters Biocenosis Baskets in ponds and aquariums. Lots more information in my blog about his test.

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