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Zeolite cat litter clay... good for Biocenosis baskets?

Benefits of Zeolite for Cat Litter or for Biocenosis baskets. 

The microporous molecular structure of a Zeolite, ZSM-5.
Picture taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 

This cat litter is from the UK from Tesco.
Photo by: Dr. Franco in Italy

This photo is of Zeolite cat litter clay...looks the same to me, in fact it could work the same as other clay cat litters.

"Quote from internet:
• High liquid and ammonia absorption with premium odor control
• Reduced tracking with strength to withstand traffic with minimal dust
• Reduced cost of waste control

Zeolites have distinctive properties as absorbents as they provide a strong

molecular structure and micro-porosity, making them durable under the heaviest traffic. The pores extend deep into the molecular structure of the Zeolite resulting in a high surface area within the material. The depth of these pores allow for continuous effective absorption. The benefits of high internal surface area, physical strength and the ion exchange properties of the Zeolite, account for its exceptional performance as a cat litter and odor control applications.
Zeolite is becoming prominent in the market place has been as a cat litter due to its ammonia absorption and lock-up capability as well as its waste and odor absorption capabilities. Unlike clay absorbents which are made of a plate type structure, zeolites crystal lattice forms a honeycomb structure resulting in a large and reactive surface area. This traps waste molecules and odors through molecular sieving capability, allowing selective separation, absorption and immobilization. Another unique feature is that Zeolite does not swell as in the case with clay. Zeolite does not lose its structural integrity (as clay absorbs moisture the plates swell and become soft and muddy). The honeycomb structure of Zeolite absorbs at a greater rate yet stays firm and stable. When your animal walks on it, the integrity is the same as when Zeolite came out of the bag whereas clay absorbent will become soft.

Ed: All Zeolite is thermally altered clay and is an additive in potting mix but should not be confused for Vermiculite.  For those hobbyists that are having troubles getting cat litter this may be the next best thing. However, stay with a particulate size that is equal to that of clay cat litter and no larger.

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