Saturday, August 10, 2013

TDS & CE Of My Pond After A Water Change Ten Days Ago & Prefilter Cleaning 22-Hours Ago.

Temperature of pond water at testing is 73.4 -73.5 ºF (23.06 ºC) Date: 08-10-13. Now that it has been 10-days after a water change of about 450-USgals out of 1250-USgals of pond water and the prefilter was cleaned about 22-hours ago.

The last time I showed pond water parameters it was before a water change (Hadn’t done one in over 30-days.) and before and after a prefilter cleaning. TDS And Conductivity (EC) Test... and the Anoxic Filter vS Lake Michigan water. All test were conducted with a Hanna HI 991300 TDS and conductivity-measuring device.  The 500-ml beaker shows water taken right from the Anoxic filters waterfall outlet and displays the turbidity of the water. It is quite evident that the pond water is quite clear and NO3 is < 5-ppm as tested by LaMotte water quality and analytical testing equipment test kit.

Also I will add that a Bart Biodetector test was conducted, which is nothing more than a biological activity reaction test done to test Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria (HAB), Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and Iron Related Bacteria (IRB). These are the three most important agents involved in biofouling with most conventional filtration systems. This same topic of discussion was on the web forum  Extreme Koi in the UK; why such test are important and if they are really needed. However, what hobbyists don’t understand is that these Bart biodetector tests can tell if an abundance of these bad bacteria existed, then they can cause corrosion, clogging, fouling of the pond water, and the increasing hygiene risks to our animals if these bacteria numbers are high. The interpretation of the tests showed very low to nonexistent bacteria and this may explain why no outbreaks of disease, infections and why the longevity of my animals using the Anoxic Filtration System is so great.

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All tests conducted in a 500-ml glass beaker but you could use a water-glass, too.

The photo above shows CE Temp. 73.5ºF @ 67- µS. Meaning hardly any free ions in solution.

Sample of one of the Bart Biodetector Test.

Photo above shows TDS Temp. 73.5ºF @ 31-ppm. 
It is quite evident that the pond water is as clear as tap water.

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