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Part 4: The degree of a filters permeability is what changes its biophysical rules on which filter media is to be used.

Part 4 

Nature’s way of diffusion: Moving of molecules from one place to another is the way that nature moves solutes in fluids. It seems apparent that this fundamental process of transporting molecules from solution through the substrate is disruptive with the pots that only have drainage holes at the bottom of them and not so with the open-cell-baskets. In the early stages of plant growth, convective movement of fluids is not dependable and the substrate will become anaerobic before it will become anoxic in nature. As healthy root growth becomes apparent then the substrate will become less anaerobic and more anoxic in nature. The open-cell-baskets allow diffusion to take place over convection and therefore allowing more nutrients with oxygen in solution to be transported more easily through the cat litter substrate. Once the plant roots became more prolific, a steady slow convective movement through the pot substrate became apparent and oxygen levels became satisfactory for anoxic condition to exist. 

The degree of a filters permeability is what changes its biophysical rules on which filter media is to be used. In a close system like or ponds, the microbial efficiency is in relationship to the media/substrate and incoming foodstuff that is of great importance. As long as the pathway remains open to the microbial mediators, equilibrium will exist between the aquatic life in the pond and bacteria. However, because of clogging these nitrogen pathways become blocked disturbing and limiting the organic carbons, this is known as the Redfield Ratio and contributing to algae blooms, cyanobacteria AKA: hair and string algae problems. Clogging is not an issue with the Anoxic Filtration System and therefore all pathways remain open to biological and chemical mediators. Therefore, organic carbons and mineral nutrients do not limit heterotrophic bacteria. 

If you have learned anything from what I have said in my blog, it is that biochemical pathways always remain open to the bacteria, verses other filtering systems pathways. The plants will proliferate, adsorbing and absorbing more cations and anions (anions equal nutrients like nitrates and phosphate) than other ways of planting. In other words, they will do what they are supposed to do to help clean and in some circumstances lessen the germs count in the water body, not what you think they are doing when plant fertilizers are used. Maintenance compared to other filtration systems will be exponentially lessened to a greater degree. If you already have an existing filtration system, caution should be taken before integrating it with the Anoxic filtration if your old filtration system is prone to clogging relatively fast. One system will then be counterproductive to the other filtration system [Ed: That is if the system you are using at present is not of high standards like a Nexus or similar system.] Some filtration systems are so inadequate and miss-engineered that the hobbyist is doomed from the start and you will never have complete success. It does not take a large filter to make it a successful one: A 4'x 8' filter will hold as many as 28 filtering Biocenosis-baskets in one layer. That is enough Biocenosis baskets to filter an 8000-gallon pond depending on the fish mass. 

As I write this, I realize this topic is like discussing politics or religion. Strong misconceptions and beliefs die very hard. Most of the time, we just go on believing in our own doctrines and others keep believe in theirs. With this filtration system its primary path of biological pathways are from diffusion. This system plays an integrated part of the biological capability of nitrifying and denitrifying a ponds pollutants and it’s capability of purifying its water making it safe for aquatic life. Its oxygen demand on the aquatic animals is not demanding and lessening the burden of the consumption of oxygen means healthier fish in the summertime at higher pond temps.

A photo showing the inside of an Anoxic Filter. The juvenile Koi was born in springtime and look how big it has grown in just a few months. The Biocenosis baskets are 11"x11"x7" for a size comparison.

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