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Anoxic Filtration Build By: Brian Woodcock in the UK. Part #6

Sometimes in life we wish we had all the information beforehand, and then we could for ourselves make an astute decision on what path we will travel. Kevin

E-mails from Brian update on Anoxic filter.

Hi Kevin,

 Been a little busy decorating the last couple of days but I will get you some comparisons over to you this weekend. But I can also tell you my Koi are more active and eating me out of house and home (400g) per day over 6-8 feeds as for water quality...I never seen either ammonia or nitrite and nitrate has dropped by 50% and my pH seems to be more stable as the filter isn't consuming my Kh as the stand alone Bead Filter did, all since I got my Anoxic filter online I will get a proper report with pictures over the weekend.

Regards Brian

E-mail of Brian’s testing report August 4th 2013.

Hi Kevin,

Just finished some water quality tests this morning and things are looking great, better than expected… my ammonia and nitrites are zero ppm, which surprised me as I have removed my Clarity filter and kept my feeding to 400-grams a day still.  Because of feeding 21 Koi I was expecting a slight spike in my water parameters. However, my nitrates continue to drop, it's now 30-ish ppm, which has showed in my water clarity and ground on my Koi.

My pH is a lot more stable; as I must put this down to the Bead filter not having to work as hard from an overload and consuming all my Kh, which is really bad here, with the water being so soft with only a Kh of 1. Things continue to improve in all areas and I have had three spawning's this year that can only be accredited to my excellent water quality. Here are a few new pictures, which show very healthy and hungry Koi along with the very rapidly growing plants.

I now have 32 Biocenosis baskets with only 6 being planted up with an assortment of aquatic plants and I also must say the Anoxic filter has improved my water quality and Koi to no end. I just wish I had discovered the Anoxic filter before I spent thousands of £’s on so called Koi filters.

Regards Brian

The two E-mails above (The last one I just received today.) are an updated on his Anoxic filter in the UK. Already showing improvements in water quality, ground and Koi heath is why hobbyist are switching to an Anoxic filter over the conventional filters that they are being convinced is better by slick advertisements and sales people.

To be honest with you, there are no really bad filters out there but each one does have its limits and most of the time hobbyists don’t understand those limits. The size of the pond, the number of animals living in a given body of water and just how fast it can covert a waste product into something that is less harmful to our pond inhabitance. As I have always advocated: You can’t have too much filtration if it’s good to begin with! Unfortunately one size does not fit all, and like anything else in life a hobbyist must feel comfortable when adding filtration to their ponds.

Sometimes it’s peer pressure or maybe a misconstrued recommendation that someone gave you and then lets not forget cost and size play a very big part in the decision-making, too. Anoxic filters are not small, then again Koi are not small fish either. Now you add in the amount of food they eat, their waste and oxygen requirements along with the ├╝ber-water quality they need for good heath…what did you expect, a tiny box like filter like a Biofalls? 

Too many hobbyists are convinced in the early stages of pond keeping that that is exactly what is needed. As time goes on the lessons they will learn will cost them even more than if the information, that is all the information of filtration was given to then the first time.

Yogas, in Indonesia is having a problem with the right kind of cat clays and will be experimenting with Zeolite kitty litter because of the cost from getting the right kind of kitty litter from Australia. If the Zeolite kitty litter doesn’t work he will then have to make a decision what his options are and what road he will take next. By the E-mails I have been receiving from him you can tell he is a very well educated hobbyist and that after looking at all his available option the Anoxic filter is on the top of his list.

I don't see a Koi in Brian's pond I wouldn't take home in a heartbeat.

If you look at some of Brian's earlier photos you can see a big deference in plant growth. Still once again I must add, there is no way six plants can do what Brian's is clamming his Anoxic filter is doing. Anoxic filters are not Veggie filter or Bog filters but works with a better understanding of bacteria thanks to science.

I also must apologize about my iBook and its availability.  My understanding was that Apple’s iBooks were FREE as long as you had a free iBook book to offer to the public, then the whole world and not just those in the USA would have access to it...apparently this is not true.

Anoxic Filtration System by Syd Mitchell, Tony Ruiz & Dr Kevin Novak

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