Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ardy’s Anoxic Filter from Indonesia... update with photos.

To my observation after one day the water seems to be better. Maybe because I put in 25kg Zeolite that right away absorbs the ammonia in the water.

Btw, the basket is 250mm in diameter with 156mm in height.

I have small pond, only 1.75m x 1.75m x 0.45m with 13 Koi, 8 Koi around 45cm and the rest between 25 - 30cm. I use external DIY filter using 2 blue barrels (120ltrs and 100ltrs) both fully loaded with BioBalls. Total I have 1.2 tons of water with 13 Koi in it and equally over stocked with fish. I used to feed them 5 times a day with medium amount of growth and color food. But since last month I have been feeding three times a day in small amount of balanced diet food (not growth nor color food) just to maintain the water parameter in its edge.

My pond is 1-year-old now, water change is 20% daily and suddenly it crashed on me and turned green just a day before I found your AFS. I also believe my filter cannot handle my overstock fish pond due to it being already at maximum capacity, so I cleaned my pond and filter again thus now everything has to restart all over.

I use submersible pump (with DIY skimmer) to pump 4800ltr/hour of water to 10" canister filter with gravel to 120ltr blue barrel BioBalls and to 100ltr blue barrel with 8 Biocenosis baskets in it stacked (3x2 and 1x2). Because of the lack of space I cannot put a diffuser.

If everything works after 6-8 weeks, I will replace all BioBalls in 120ltr blue barrel with 12 more Biocenosis baskets.

Still, have one problem through, my mechanical filter! I need to think fast and be frugal because I don't really have that much of a budget for my pond. That is why I love your AFS system. Until now I only spent a total of $31.70 for JBL Aquasis, Plus 6kg --> $19.50, Zeolite 25kg --> $4.20, for Round Basket (@$1) --> $8.00

I will have another update again soon. And once again Dr Kevin, many many thanks for your Anoxic Filtration System and your help along the process.

Best Regards,

Ed: Thanks Ardy for the information about your pond and photos. Hopefully this will help those hobbyists that are on a budget and yet realize Koi will outgrow any filter very rapidly if filtration is its weakest link. I would in the future replace both Blue filter barrels with one long Anoxic Filter in that corner and make it look like the rest of your ponds color and build. It would look cosmetically neater and be easier on maintenance. You could even add a lid to cover it or leave it open and grow some aquatic plants out of it like Brian’s Anoxic Filter in the UK. The plats would add some color to that room. Well that’s my two cents worth!

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