Friday, September 13, 2013

Brian Woodcock’s Anoxic Filter build from the UK Part-8.

Brian Woodcock’s Anoxic Filter build from the UK Part-8.

The first photo will show you his plants on September 1- 2013, very good plant growth from what he originally planted from the nursery. The next two photos will show in just twelve days what a difference plant growth is and remember this is all without adding to the pond any Nitrogen from fertilizers tabs. The plants have already learned now to use the Ammonium ion from the Biocenosis baskets.

Look closely and you will see how green his plants are using the iron from the Laterite. I see lots of ponds with yellowish looking water lilies but his looks extremely healthy.  He’s now getting flowers from his water lily plant and more leaves are exposed on the surface for photosynthesis to take place. If he had three water lilies, one at each end, instead of just the one in the center his Anoxic filter by next year would be nothing but water lily leaves and flowers.

Also if you look very closely, look how clean and clear his water is in the Anoxic filter that’s in full sun all day. Every Anoxic filter I have seen is Gin clear and if you check the oxygen content of the water in the Anoxic filter it will be the same as the ponds. This will tell you that the filter is not butting a burden on the available oxygen like some think and that means more for the Koi.

If the power goes out all Brian has to do is worry about his Koi and not the Anoxic filter because it will be okay for weeks without water moving through it. Once it is fired back up again the filter will immediately start using the ammonium ions that accumulated in his main pond as a food and he will have lost nothing as far as filtration goes. But his bead filter before the Anoxic filter will be another story if power stays out too long. Other filtration systems do not give the hobbyists any cushion incases of a mishap! Once the oxygen stops going to the filter and the bacteria use what is available and exhaust it, they die!

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