Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More letters from hobbyists…

Hi Kevin,
Just thought I'd send you a picture of my filtration pond. It has really gone wild this year! I have up to 15 water lily blooms daily, and the Yellow flag Iris is almost too large to pick-up, and that's after 1 year in a 11 x 11 inch plant pot. pH 7.9 to 8.1, ammonia 0.0, Kh/Gh 107/179, Ni- trite 0.0, and nitrate 0 to <5 ppm. Did I say, I'm impressed! Yes, It took longer to cycle for me, but it's doing great guns now. Do yea need any plants?

E-mail sent to me on 01-26-09 from Sydney Australia...

Good Day Dr Kevin

I am from Sydney Australia and this year I acquired your filter system from a club member who was getting out of Koi due to ill health.

I placed the baskets in my breeding set up which normally we have high ammonia levels and have to do lots of water changes this year no water changes and the fry grew quicker and I was able to double the amount of fish I spawned so am very impressed I would like to acquire your video so as I can share the knowledge could you please let me know what the cost are including the shipping and if you are down this nick of the woods please let me know yes we are all Koi mad here in Australia.


Chair person of the northern branch

Dear Dr. Novak,
Thank you so much for your presentation to the
Happy Waters Pond Club. I don't think any speaker has sparked as much interest as you did. In addition to Don Eipert, several others have also expressed interest in your Anoxic filtration system. There are several new converts in our pond club. In addition to our big pond, we just put in a very small water feature in a small Japanese garden. This little pond was cloudy until the small Lilly plant was replanted into the correct container Biocenosis basket ads you called it with holes through out, Kitty litter, and Laterite.

Now this tiny pond is very clear and has stayed clear since the Lilly was replanted. It is amazing how something so simple is so effective. It is also amazing that it has not yet gained wide- spread use but I think that is starting to change. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

Helene and Jeff Beckman

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