Sunday, September 29, 2013

What’s coming up on my blog in October?

What’s coming up on my blog in October?

Stay tuned for Shelly’s pond build as she finishes her pond for the winter.

Maybe we will hear from Ardy and Yogas from Indonesia.

Brian’s Anoxic filter cleanout and what he thinks about it. I hope it’s good news!

I also found on a forum some old post from 2011 about the Anoxic filter. Lotusman tells a hobbyist: “ You have a right to your opinion, but not the right to give untrue facts.” So I will walk everyone through what was said and how hobbyists can actually start believing in other hobbyist when they are giving facts on forums, but are they really factual facts or misconstrued facts that have very little foundation to them.

 I have known Lotusman for many years now and he was shocked when he first saw my Anoxic filter in person and what it could do. In fact he even brought over a DVM, an expert in fish pathology to examine my water for herself.

So keep popping in for some juicy reading and some educational reading as well about bacteria and what some hobbyist think they know about the Anoxic filtration system and what they don’t know about bacteria. It will be an eye opener for you!

                      N. mucifera ( sacred lotus).  Photo from internet.

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