Friday, September 27, 2013

Shelly's pond build from beautiful Willamette Vally, Oregon U.S.A.

Hello again!

Temps in the 60's, but sheets of rain, followed by sheets of rain -- 3" is forecast for this weekend alone! Hope Oregon doesn't get washed down to Colorado! We both work full time, so the weather and diminishing daylight have slowed our pond progress. But the liner is down and in place; plumbing is completed, adding large boulders.

Just bought our very first 'aquatic plants' yesterday -- some evergreen 'hardy' selections to green things up a bit over winter.

I will start making my 22 Biocenosis baskets under the cover of the porch this weekend! You may recall that 22 baskets will be unplanted, but I will eventually add seven more planted Biocenosis baskets to a bog area. 

** I read that the baskets should be filled with kitty litter, and then a cup should be removed from the center and replaced with a cup of Laterite. Then I saw a photo of a completed Laterite basket: it looked like the Kitty Litter and Laterite were well mixed together in the center of the basket. So, I have a...


Is it best to keep the Laterite segregated from the Kitty Litter as much as possible -- or not? Is the answer based on whether the basket will be planted or not?

Believe it or not it can be done either way (It does not have to be segregated it can be mixed too.) and it will work with or without plants it doesn’t make any difference. Because sometimes Laterite looks like a Telkom Powder place one cup of Laterite in a Nylon stocking instead of just adding it loses to a basket. Now place that ball into the basket center with the cat litter surrounding it.

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