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Letter from a UK hobbyist about the Nexus 310’s real cost and problems.

Letter from a UK hobbyist about the Nexus 310’s real cost and problems.

  Hi Jim,

   You made the statement that you use a Nexus filtration 310 system. That sounds pretty impressive that you use one already. Though not cheap by U.S. standards, it is a good filter nonetheless even with its limitations on water flow. So why would you want to get rid of such an expensive filter for an Anoxic Filtration System?  Don’t a lot of hobbyist in the UK use such a systems? It looks to me by the photos I’ve seen of UK ponds that it is very popular filtration system, it must be a lot cheaper in the UK than in the U.S.A. 

  I’m just perplexed is all; for some would criticize you for a move like you’re thinking. Here in the U.S. no one runs a Nexus all by itself without supplementing that kind of filter with another filter. 

 [Ed: In other words it’s never a standalone filtration system so the cost now is only part of what you will need to get a good working filter going.]

This was Jim’s reply to my E-mail to him…

Hi Kevin, 

 We will have to stop meeting like this people will start to talk. 

With regard to the Nexus 310, the reasons are, the limit on the rate of flow that the Nexus has, the fact that you must have lots and lots of air, and still have nitrate problems. It is only after you buy one that you then find out that it still needs a good pre-filter, which is also very large and very expensive. When you look at all the components that are required, water pump, air pump/s, UV, heater, pre-filter etc. the lights in town start to dim down when it is all running. All this before you get to a skimmer line!!! I am not made of money as they say over here but I would rather wait and buy the best when I have saved and planned, which I thought I had done. 

The cost of electricity over here in the UK is now astronomical, dare I say, must look at the carbon footprint. So research on pumps and efficient UV's with maintenance in mind is important, then the fields begins to narrow down, that is if you don't want to stand in your garden/ yard and rip up money. 

 Contrast all of that to your Anoxic system, don't need a great big hole to hide it in and the end result is pleasing to the eye, you can also say "I made that" giving due deference and credit to yourself.  I am not into showing or competitions but just want the best conditions I can provide for my fish which I have a feeling I will get with this method of water keeping. 

 I am starting again from scratch with the new pond so I may as well get it done right. The cost of a Nexus over here is in the region of $2700-$3000, with all the bells and whistles, however they hold the price very well so one could say I have already gotten over the hard part, and last but not least is the fact that it is one great big lump of a device and does not blend in well. Digging the hole is no problem but the extra cost to have the spoil removed, well it’s nothing short of scandalous, but we are a very small island and land is precious. 

Then you come to the cleaning regime, the inner chamber is no problem apart from the drain size which I now find too small to clear detritus efficiently (So was the sales pitch just a tad misleading when you find out you have to supplement the wonder filter you have just purchased) and the outer chamber has voids in the bottom which you can bet are full of God only knows what, plus the fact that the drain on that is even smaller. 

I now subscribe to the notion “If you can't see what's in it ... Don't touch it" Perhaps I am mad but I shall keep on striving till I get the result I envision. Thanks for the link to get to the book I am sure I shall be able to get it done on my good old Apple Gizmo. 

Once again many thanks and God Bless. I shall send some pics when I get my act together.

Regards ... Jim.

On 16 Feb 2011, at 13:59, Dr. Kevin Novak wrote:

  Hi Jim,

  Thanks so much for your detailed reply; I have never had anyone tell me what you have just told me. It seems the hobbyist here keep the truth bottled-up even when the damage is done -money whys that is! To be honest with you I’m a little horrified at what you have just said. The Nexus is not cheap by any means here in the U.S. 

 If you have any troubles or require help with the Anoxic Filter just give me an E-mail and I’ll help in anyway I can. Also try and read the blog of Franco’s on the Anoxic filter in Italy.



What you have just read is a correspondence between a hobbyist name Jim from the UK and me.

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