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Because of Ardy’s innovation in Indonesia…JBL’s Aquabasis Plus is a substitute for Laterite; see why!

Quote I made over eight years ago: “Innovation has been the growth engine of this hobby from the very beginning, on both the aquatic animals and the hardware sides.” I have never been so egotistical that I can’t learn from even the newest or less experience to the most über experts of hobbyists. Because of the very wide geographical area of hobbyists using the Anoxic filtration system innovation drives them to discover new and/or better ways to make up the Biocenosis baskets in their countries.

Lets take this guy Ardy for example that I have been communicating with far sometime now. Ardy lives in Indonesia and because of his lack of wherewithal’s on his filtration build, he has become very innovated in implementing an Anoxic filtration system.  Ardy is faced with the same problems, as other Koi keepers in his country are; like available pond goods that most of us take for granted and we fail to appreciate how lucky we are.

The next photos are going to show you how through innovation and research he has come up with some solution to several problems making up the Biocenosis basket for his pond in his country. Through the communications of cyberspace he has found products and shown them to me to see if they would be valid commodities for his filter.

I also want to point out the misconception that some may have about the Anoxic filtration system. An Anoxic filtration system is not a filter, it is a clarification system different than what you’re use to seeing or what is being sold as filtration systems. The thing you must remember about this system in opposition to other systems is that each basket can theoretically be said that they are sitting in the filtration system or a vessel to hold the Biocenosis clarification baskets. That is the process of passing water through or putting something through the filtration system itself, not that the baskets themselves are the filtration system. Therefore, each basket technically can be said to be a biocenosis clarification basket. The baskets themselves aid in the process of PURIFYING water through a chemical and metabolic reaction making our pond water crystal-clear, clean of biological and chemical pollutants and free of ion impurities. Because water is not forced through the filter media itself like all other filtration system do, the baskets then are only a constituent of the filtration system inner workings but not the filtration system itself.

For those that have troubles getting Laterite, maybe Ardy has found a good substitute. Innovation has been the growth engine of this hobby!

Instead of cat litter Ardy has to use Zeolite as a substitute media for the Biocenosis baskets.

This is what JBL’s Aquabasis looks like up close.

Once again the black open-cell plant baskets are not that readily available in Indonesia but these brightly colored ones are. He uses a 3" diameter PVC pipe to make the indentation in the center of the baskets then fills it with Aquabasis. He then removes the small piece of PVC pipe and you now have a perfect separation of the two mediums. 

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