Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello from out west, and we do have some questions!

Hello from out west!

Thought I'd send you an update:

Our pond is nearly done! We're finishing up the last of the PVC connections, and we're ready for excavation! Once the backhoe is gone, we'll complete the wall construction between the two columns and I'll order the liner. Are you familiar with BTL Liner's great alternative to EDPM??

See . We're using BTL 'PPL 24' for the pond and AF ( The AF liner has shipped already -- so excited!

If you can spare a moment, please see attached PDF... especially p.2 photo of our AF. Once the AF is lined, I will add a 3/4" PVC 'grid' to lift the baskets off the AF floor, like Brian did -- and I'll add another 'PVC grid' between the first and second layer of baskets. See any problems we missed?

Our AF will hold 22 UNPLANTED baskets. 
QUESTION: unplanted baskets are okay (per a recent blog 'Ed:' comment), right?

A: Yes unplanted Biocenosis Baskets are okay; they are not plant dependent and this is not a Veggie or Bog filter your making but an Anoxic Filter.

We are making the Diffuser as documented (drilled PVC in two milk crates filled with BioBalls).
QUESTION: has anyone found a less expensive alternative to filling those two crates with BioBalls? 

A: If you look at Brian Woodcock’s pond build below you will see a cheaper and easier way to make the diffuser.

Just follow his instructions and you will be a happy camper and keep the expense down, too.

I'd like to add 5 additional PLANTED baskets to the BOG. 
QUESTION: They won't get the 4000gph flow that the AF does, but no harm no foul, correct? 

A: As I have said before anyone that owns a pond no matter what kind of filtration system they use will benefit from adding a few Biocenosis Baskets. Read my post about the Passovoy’s adding Biocenosis Baskets to their pond and how it helped raised their redox.

The existing water flow of the pond was enough to bring ions down and redox up to an already very expensive filter they use.

I have taken several photos of our entire pond project -- enough for our own book! Let me know if you're still interested in using some on your blog and/or what you have in mind, and we'll go from there, okay?  :)

Thanks again for all you do! 


Out west from Oregon

Very nice layout of pond and Anoxic filter.

Thank you Shelly for sharing with everyone on your Anoxic filtration build, and from my understanding this is her first pond. Very well thought out and puts my testing pond to shame.

This is Shelly’s diagram of her new pond build. She insisted on the Anoxic Filter over other because of cost, even though some tried to persuade her that their filters would be better she would not let them.

Prefilter getting set up before the Anoxic filter. Like I said the sky is the limit on what kind of prefilter to use.

Don’t need to tell you what this photo is…do I!

Photo above is of the Anoxic filter still in construction with prefilter before it.

Anoxic Filtration System ®
February 02-2005-2013
New Updated Version

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