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Just been reading Ardy's build and something worries me...

Hi Kevin, just been reading Ardy's build and something worries me...with using Zeolite and it absorbing all the ammonia if for any reason he had to add salt (as I do from time to time) all the absorbed ammonia would be released into the water which would be bad!! I was wondering if he knows salt would be a bad thing now. Its great the anoxic is catching on got a feeling it might snowball :)


Thanks Brian for the heads-up!

Salt is used as a recharging agent for Zeolite. I completely forgot about Sodium chloride (salt) as a recharging agent because I do not use salt in my pond nor do I use Zeolite. Read my post about salt:

 Read what Duncan has written about salt in much greater detail, click below.

Sodium chloride is a Band-Aid for incompetent filtration system if you have to use it to make Nitrites less toxic to Koi, then something is not right with your filter. Understanding that in springtime the use of salt may be more acceptable than other times of the year as a new filter is cycling but as an all-time prophylactic I would not recommend it.

As we all know most pond hobbyist use salt as a medication and I hope Andy knows that may not be an option for him. However, if the Biocenosis baskets are mature and the facultative bacterium is active then salt would not release anything from the Zeolite. Much like that of cat litter that has a crystalline structure too like that of Zeolite the bacteria would just use the available Ammonium ion as a food source so it would keep attracting more ammonia out of solution and never become exhausted like that of cat litter.

If you think about it how could the Biocenosis baskets keep attracting the ammonia/ammonium out of a solution without becoming at some point exhausted within a shot time instead of lasting ten years or longer? There is constantly and exchange going on inside the Biocenosis baskets at all times. One ion is being exchanged for another ion and in the end N2 is the byproduct of the bacteria in the media.

Once the Biocenosis baskets are seasoned it would be interesting to see through a simple experiment if salt would release any of the trapped ammonia ion back into solution. By taking a Zeolite Biocenosis basket and placing it into a bucket with some salt in it at the same concentration most hobbyist would use in their ponds. Then with an Ammonia test kit, test the results. Definitely this would be an interesting experiment.

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