Monday, September 2, 2013

More Koi forum post from the UK.


Post on a Koi forum in the UK, this is a hobbyist named Dave from Strasbourg France.


“Well my Anoxic filter is 818 days old today I have 60 baskets in the filter and about 50 Koi in the pond and there is no other filter. I used to have about 350 liters of dancing K1 & K3 but this didn't give me what I was looking for, it was more of a nitrate factory with readings off the scale. 

Pond readings today are zero ammonia, zero nitrite and 15mg/l nitrate, next year I'm going to plant up a few baskets and get down to zero nitrate 

My filter runs all year long and I don't bother reducing the flow, Koi still produce ammonia in winter and although the bacteria in the baskets slows down it is still active so I pump at full bore.”


Post on the same Koi forum in the UK from Conway in N. Wales

I introduced an Anoxic Filter in the spring. I also planted it out with assorted aquatic plants to dress it up. This works in conjunction with my original filter, which was not up to the job; it all now seems to work well. I intend to improve again it this winter. I introduced a baffle board at the inlet end of the filter this slowed the water down; I set the height of this to allow the water to spill over the top across its full width. I also fitted a shut off valve in the water supply line. This gives a fine control over the flow rate, as a high flow rate is not required in my case. I have had no problems with any disturbance to the baskets.

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