Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just A Piece Of My Mind… By: Yogas

Just A Piece Of My Mind…
By: Yogas
Despite others saying that the Anoxic Filtration System has no economical value; I see things differently. Yes, this system might harm the sales of biofilters, but then again, biofilters are just one segment of the Koi industry. The Anoxic filtration system can cut down the initial cost of making a pond, which for new hobbyist means decreasing the entry barrier to the hobby or for Koi dealers means decreasing investment cost. The operations perspective, less maintenance = less costs.  This means more people would be attracted to the hobby; Koi dealers would have more capital and a lower cost structure, enabling them to sell Koi at a cheaper price. So this system does more good to the Nishikigoi Industry than it does bad.

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