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24" depth for water stability and water chemistry consistency.

Thank you Kevin,

I did read all that information and have a few questions.
I am new to ponds and koi... Pond that I have build this summer is about 2500 gallons.  I just found a good deal on a preformed 250 gallon tank and will be using it as an anoxic filter.  The only problem Is that it's a kidney shape pond with plant shelves and a deeper part in the middle... (not sure if I can get 15 baskets into it)

1. Does it matter how much water is above the baskets, I think you wrote about 2'...would less water above the baskets be OK?
2. Would it be usefull to add a few baskets into a waterfall filter chamber (it's just a tupperware container)
3. When you talk about a pre-filter.. is that the diffuser with bioballs and filter pads, or is there a separate pre-filter?
4. Would this system work without of a UV light and have clear water?
5. Is it better to have the baskets close together or with some space between them?

I live in MA and can't find the Cat litter that you had a picture of on koiphen.  Are there any other brand names that you know of that would work? (I wouldn't want to place anything in the pond that might kill the fish) What should I be looking for on the lable of Cat litter???   All other items are not a problem....

PS. how big the book file that you burn onto a CD... can it be zipped and e-mailed?

Thank you,
Igor Rabkin

   I will take your last question first, okay. Kitty litter, cat litter and/or oil dry are nothing more than derivatives of processes clay that has been baked and processed in a granule form of a few mm in size for home use. The bran names that are pictured on Koiphen are only some of the choices that exist in the US (there are other brand names that do exist, too) and I can’t even tell you what may exist overseas. If it comes in a plastic jug or a box then odds are it is the clumping kind of cat litter and not the right stuff for filtration use. So look for a none fragrant, no additives of any kind, bag of cat litter, just natural clay type only. Oil dry from the hardware store will work if it falls into these criteria.

Sorry the Cd-book file is just too many megabytes to be zipped for e-mail. If it weren’t so large I would have done it a long time ago already.

Anoxic Filtration Book... Still free on Apple's iBook store
This is to inform everyone on a new way of obtaining the Anoxic Filtration System’s CD-book at Apple’s iBook Store.

If you have an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod you can now download the book for free from the Apple iBook Store on your computer with iTunes. The Anoxic Filtration System CD-Book has been converted with the help of Apple’s iBook Author into a very colorful full version of the original CD-Book. Easier to read and page through without the breaking up of pages. Any page of the book can now be looked up easily and fast for reference when needed.

Anoxic Filtration System by Syd Mitchell, Tony Ruiz & Dr Kevin Novak

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The only reason I say 24” of water in the Anoxic filter is because of water stability and chemistry consistency.  We have found through testing that anything less than 24” and the stability of the system is compromised. Not that 18” of water in the Anoxic filter will not work but for some reason the systems that were only 18” eventually had troubles in the long run (with green water and/or cyanobacteria problems that just would not go away) verses a 24” or deeper system. So that is a judgment call you will have to make.
 If your 250-gal pond is only 18” deep, just remember that it may or may not necessarily give you some troubles in the future.

Yes, adding some biocenosis baskets in the waterfall Tupperware container will help.

The diffuser is not a prefilter whatsoever, it is just a diffuser for waters outlet into the Anoxic filter only, and should be looked at as such. I have been experimenting with diffusers and find that a larger pipe drilled with holes all over it will also diffuse the inlet water without the bio-balls as stated in my book. More holes means less current coming from each hole. The disruption of the filter is lessened with such.

The pre-filter you want is with a filter matt or other device that will have the same outcome before the pump output goes to the filter.  A good prefilter is one that has to be cleaned once or twice a day or at least once a week and no more. A lot of the new skimmers today will have pre-filter matt’s in them that can be adjusted to taste for the hobbyist. You have a variety of micron setting to choose from within those pre-filter matt’s.

UV lights in my book are a must for any and all ponds. If you read my book online it will tell you why. I also show a UV light connected to a pond in Koiphen, but it is not connected correctly to really be efficient at killing bacteria and germs like the hobbyist would like. So if you ask me; if the system will run without a UV the answer is yes. However, I myself would not; do to the information that is now known about these devices. UV lights have been used for over 40-plus years now, so please use one for the health of your animals’ and you.

I like to have a little space in-between my basket for maintenance and to take them out of the filter when necessary.

Clean-out time and now filling the Anoxic Filter back up again.

Anoxic Filtration System ®
February 02-2005-2013
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